Rare Plants of American Samoa

Epiblastus sciadanthus (F. Muell.) Schltr. [ Orchidaceae ]

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Status: Indigenous
Habit: Orchid

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Indigenous to American Samoa, ranging from the Solomon Islands to Samoa. This species is known in American Samoa only from the montane forest of Ta‘ū, but is more common in independent Samoa, where it has been collected nine times. It occurs in montane to cloud forest, reported from 600 to 1550 m elevation. No uses or Samoan names have been reported for this species.

Medium-sized epiphytic herb up to 60 cm in height, bearing cylindrical pseudobulbs 5–9 x 1–1.5 cm; unifoliate. Leaves simple, ligulate to linear-lanceolate, 25–36 x 1.3–3 cm, broadly tapering at the base, obliquely subacute at the tip; surfaces glabrous; margins entire; sessile. Inflorescence a 4–10-flowered raceme 7–15 cm long; flowers light pink on the upper portions of the perianth, dark pink inside. Dorsal sepal erect, oblong-elliptic to ovate, 7–8 x 3–4 mm, acute at the tip. Lateral sepals obliquely ovate, 7–8 x ca. 5 mm, saccate at the base on the lower margins, connate with the column-foot forming a prominent saccate mentum, acute to subacute at the tip. Petals oblong-elliptic, 6.5–7.5 x 3–3.5 mm. Lip attached to the tip of the column-foot by a broad claw, ovate, 4.5–6 x 3.5–4.5 mm, acute at the tip, the side margins erect; callus basal, transverse, plate-like, deeply medially cleft, weakly undulate in front. Column ca. 3 mm long; foot 4–5 mm long. Fruit a linear capsule mostly 2.8–3.5 cm long. Flowering and fruiting occur throughout the year.

Distinguishable by its small epiphytic orchid habit; cylindrical pseudobulbs; long linear-lanceolate leaves appearing imbricate; and fascicles of pink, campanulate flowers red inside.

114. Whistler 3693—Montane forest southwest of Mt. Lata at 650 m elevation.
115. Whistler 7950—Epiphyte along Fale‘i‘ulu at 500 m elevation.

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Georeference: -14.315569, -170.701986

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