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2003 Archives

7th International Conference of the
International Society for Ethnopharmacology,

8-11 January 2003
Pretoria, South Africa

Society for Ethnobiology
Seattle, WA
March 26 -March 28, 2003

5th European Colloquium on Ethnopharmacology
8-10 May 2003
Valencia, Spain

Society for Economic Botany
The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Tucson, Arizona
June 2 - June 5, 2003

International Symposium - Ethnobotany Disciplines
Foundation Friends The University For Peace / UNESCO
September. 16-18, 2003
La Paz, Bolivia

Past Meetings Archive


7th International Congress of Ethnobiology,
16-20, September 2002
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Annual Conference Society for Economic Botany
June 22-27, 2002
New York Botanical Garden - Bronx, New York

25th Annual Conference Society for Ethnobiology
March 6-9, 2002
University of Connecticut

AAAS Annual Meeting
February 14-19, 2002
Boston, Massachusetts

IV Simpósio Brasileiro de Etnobiologia e Etnoecologia
Feb 25-Mar 1, 2002
Recife-PE, Brazil

International Symposium on the Role of Botanicals in Women's Health
February 16 - 17, 2002


Primer Simposio Internacional
de Plantas Medicinales y Fitoterapia
29 Nov. - 01 Dic. Lima - Perú

Indigenous Medical Traditions of the Americas: Past, Present & Future
November 16 - 18, 2001
Washington, D.C.

Assembling the Tree of Life: Science Relevance and Challanges
September 20-22, 2001
American Museum of Natural History, New York

3rd International Congress of Ethnobotany
Etnobotanica Napoli 2001
Ethnobotany in the Third Millennium: Expectations and Unresolved Issues
September 22-30, 2001
Naples, Italy

ABSTRACTS Available for 3rd International Congress of Ethnobotany

Ethnobotany International Follow Up Seminar
14-18th September, 2001
Guatemala (Antigua), Central America

Botany 2001 "Plants and People"
August 12 - 16, 2001
Albuquerque Convention Center
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Primer Congreso Internacional de Plantas Medicinales y Aromaticas
August 13-15, 2001
Cali, Colombia

World Conference on Medicinal andAromatic Plants
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
8-11 July, 2001
Budapest, Hungary

Herbal Medicines and Cancer
June 8-9, 2001
Florence, Italy

Society of Economic Botany in conjunction with
Building Bridges with Traditional Knowledge:
May 28 - June 3, 2001, Honolulu, Hawaii

Society of Ethnobiology
24th Annual Conference March 7-10, 2001
The Center of Southwest Studies Fort Lewis College Durango, Colorado


International Conference on Traditional Medicine in HIV/AIDS and Malaria
December 5-7, 2000 Abuja, Nigeria

7th International Congress - International Society of Ethnobiology,
October 23-27, 2000 Athens, Georgia USA

The Arizona Ethnobotanical Research Association
Third annual ethnobotany symposium and concert: Visions Of The Future, Reflections Of The Past.
September 15th through 17th at the Cline Library Auditorium
Northern Arizona University campus in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Natural Products Research in the New Millennium
International Congress and 48th Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant Research (GA)
September 3-7, 2000 Zürich, Switzerland

Ethnopharmacology 2000: Challenges for the New Millennium, 6th International Congress on Ethnopharmacology of the International Society for Ethnopharmacology (ISE)

Register for Drug Discovery Technology
August 14-18, 2000
The Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center Boston, MA USA

March 29-31; April 1, 2000 Society for Ethnobiology, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

June 21 - June 23, 2000. Society of Economic Botany,
University of South Carolina

The International Conference on Ethnomedicine and Drug Discovery
Maryland, USA, Nov. 3 through Nov. 5, 1999

September 23-24, 1999, First International Symposium of Phytomedicines

September 14-18, 1999, Costa Rica Ethnobotany Symposium,
San José (Costa Rica)

August 1-7, 1999 Society for Economic Botany
XVI International Botanical Congress

Explorations in Plant Medicines, Univ. of North Carolina, Raleigh: Oct 31 - Nov 1, 1998

The 5th International ESCOP Symposium Phytomedicine and Consumer Protection - Scientific Standards for Herbal Medicinal Products 15th - 16th October 1998

Scientific Societies

Society for Economic Botany

Society for Ethnobiology

Society for Ethnobiology

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Educational Resources

Botanical Society of America

Set 7 - Economic Botany

Medicinal Plants
of Madagascar

Plantas Medicinais

Mayan Ethnomedical Encylopedia

Rainforest Researchers

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