Preparing Ethnobotanical Plant Specimens for
Deposit as Herbarium Vouchers
Michael B. Thomas 1 and TBA 2

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Intitiating Research
Getting Started
Collecting Specimens
Field Preparation
5 Quick Tips
5 Common Mistakes
Storage - short term
Storage - long term
Label Data
Repatriation of data

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A voucher herbarium specimen is a pressed plant deposited in a herbaria for future reference. It supports research work and may be examined to verify the identity of the plant used in a study.

Why is voucher material needed? The classification of plants is transitional. Shifts in species alignments and groupings are made as new evidence comes to light. Identifications are subject to change. Vouchers specimens help cross-reference these changes to previous research.


Preplanning for the preparation of voucher specimens is crucial. Arrangements should include:

* Targeting collection locations and date periods to obtain useful specimens.

* Obtaining collection permits from appropriate agencies (this can take months).

* Establishing official contact with government, herbarium and research personnel in the area you will be working. This is required by law in most countries.


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A preserved plant specimen from an ethnobotanical invesitigation.



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