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Welcome to GEIRS, an acronym for the Global Ethnomedicinal Information Retrieval System. The data archived in GEIRS represent a synthesis of information from participating researchers. GEIRS was developed by Michael B. Thomas, Centre for International Ethnomedicinal Education and Research at the University of Florida under the direction of Dr. Howard Beck, IFAS Information Technologies. Many people have contributed to its development.

GEIRS is an object-oriented database developed to archive and retrieve information on medicinal plants used by traditional cultures from around the globe. One can browse the database to retrieve plants by common name, scientific name or local ethnic name. Each plant record contains a large variety of data for the plant, as well as digital color photographs, audio, video, and botanical illustrations. Publications for each plant entry can be printed from the plant database.

GEIRS is currently maintained by the Centre for International Ethnomedicinal Education and Research. For information concerning project collaboration ,data collection, data processing, digitization and maintainence of data in GEIRS contact geirs@cieer.org

At the present time, the following individuals work on the development of GEIRS and research using it:

Michael B. Thomas, CIEER
Dr. Howard Beck, IFAS Information Technologies - University of Florida
Dr. Brad Bennett, Florida International University
Summer Austin, Portland Environmental Protection Association - Portland, Jamaica

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