What is GEIRS?
• GEIRS is a Web-based information system that provides an on-line thesaurus and visualization tool for modeling of plant uses, specifically ethnomedicinal uses.

What does the database provide?
• New approach of ethnobotanical information storage and retrieval on the Internet.
• New on-line ethnobotanical data storage, editing and visualization tool.
• New Object-Oriented data model of ethnobotanical data.

What are the features of the database?
• Full Java implementation of the server and the client.
Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) communication between client and server.
• Modeling of both linguistics and semantics of concepts.

The semantic layer provides a way to represent the meaning of concepts in a domain.
The linguistic layer organizes terms (words and phrases) for describing database objects.

• Hierarchical graphic visualization of ethnobotanical knowledge.
• Object DBMS storage of ethnobotanical knowledge.

Figure1. Data Modeling Language.

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