Voucher Specimen - MT543

Superclasses: Family Anacardiaceae
Subclasses: a cultivar type
Plant name: Genus/ Species/ Authority - Anacardium occidentale L.
Synonym(s): Acajuba occidentalis (L.) Gaertn.; Anacardium microcarpum Ducke
Common name(s): cashew, cashew apple, cashew nut
Ethnic name(s): Cajueira, Cajú
Locality: Pataxó Indígena Reserva
County/municipality: Porto Seguro
State: Bahia
Country: Brazil
Lat: 16o 51' S Long: 39o 09' W
Elevation: 20 m above sea level
Description: Along footpath leading to Posto. Open field.
Habit: Spreading evergreen perennial tree
Height: ca. 3.5 to 12 m tall Leaves: {Leaf Arrangement: leaves simple, alternate, obovate, glabrous
Size: to 20 cm long, cm wide, apically rounded or notched}
Flowers:{Petal Arrangement: nearly radially symmetrical; Color: pinkish-yellow}
Fruit: short oblong, rounded, with much swollen pedicel and apical curved fruit; red to yellow Cultivated: no
Collector: M.B. Thomas
Collection number: MT543
Date collected: 16 September 1998
Photo(s): Entire Plant… Leaf, Flower, Fruit, Voucher specimen, Illustration(s)

Figure 2. Object representation of a medicinal plant instance collected in Brazil.

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