Anacardiaceae ? <-------------- Anacardium ?<---------------- occidentale ?

Anacardiaceae Base Term: (a definition) A flowering plant family in Sapindales.

Superclasses: an artifact, object and entity, a more general Class than itself i.e.
- Sapindales (in this example an Order)
Subclasses: a more specific Class than itself.
- Anacardium (in this example a Genus)
Instance: a collection of specific objects belonging to this Class.
- MT543 (in this example a voucher specimen) (also see Figure 2)
Synonyms: a taxonomic name rejected as being incorrectly applied.
- Acajuba occidentalis (L.) Gaertn.

Antonyms: a term of opposite meaning.
Has Parts: a part-whole relationship describing an entity and its composites.
- leaves, fruit, stem, roots
Part Of: a part-whole relationship describing the whole entity.
Properties: is a collection of attributes of the Class. They can be strings, images, sounds, video clips or any other complex data type.
- author
--- Lindley ?
- distribution
--- Mainly pantropical, with a few species in temperate region.

Associations: relationships between another Class and itself. tropical moist forest (a plant can be associated with some other objects)

Figure 3. "Anacardiaceae" as a Class.

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