Proposed GEIRS USE Types [taxonomy]
Water Craft
Food Additive
Social Uses

Reviewed Use Categories from Published Literature

Prance et al , 1987
6 categories
12 Categories
16 Categories
19 Categories
Edible Food
Cereals and pulses Pulses
Construction Food Additives Vegetables Edible fruits and nuts
Technology Animal Food Dyes and tannins Dye and tannin-producing plants
Remedy Bee Plants Ornamentals Forages
Commerce Invertebrate Food Forages Timber trees
Other Materials Fruits Rattans
Fuels Timbers Bamboos
Social Uses Carbohydrates Vegetables
Vertebrate Poisons Auxiliary plants Plants yielding non-seed carbohydrates
Non-Vertebrate Poisons Fuel plants Cereals
Medicines Medicinal plants Auxiliary plants
Environmental Uses Spices and condiments Medicinal and poisonous plants
Gene Sources Essential-oils and exudates Spices
Vegetable oils Stimulants
Stimulants Exudates
Fibres Essential-oil plants

Baleé, 1994

Prance, G. W. Balle, B. Boom and R. Carneiro. 1987. Quantative ethnobotany and the case for conservation in Amazonia. Conservation Biology 1:296-310.

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