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NSF Proposal submitted July 12, 2002 to DBI - Biological
Research Collections and Biological Database and Informatics.
Developing an Object Database for the Integration of Ethnobiological

Thomas, M. B. 2002 - In Press. Emerging Synergies Between Information Technology and Ethnobiological Research in W.C. McClatchey, Ed. Building Bridges with Traditional Knowledge: Global Applications in Economic Botany. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, HI.

Thomas, M. B., Lin, N and H. W. Beck 2001. A Database Model for Integrating and Facilitating Collaborative Ethnomedicinal Research in M.S. Ratchford and M. P. Gupta, Eds. Pharmaceutical Biology: Ethnobotanical and Bioprospective Effects on Drug Discovery in the Next Millennium. Vol 39 Supplement. pp. 41-52.

Thomas, M. B. 2001. An Analysis of the Pataxó Pharmacopoeia of Bahia, Brazil, Using an Object Oriented Database Model. Dissertation. University of Florida. Gainesville. FL.


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