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Official Name: Commonwealth of the Bahamas Checklist
Capital City: Nassau [ country map ]
Languages: English, Bahamas Creole English Questions about Bahamian Medicinal Plants
Contact - Regional Coordinator: caribbean@cieer.org
Official Currency: Bahamian Dollar (US Dollar accepted)
Religions: Baptist, Angelican, Catholic, others
References/Suggested Readings
Population: 296,000 (1998 UN), 30 inhabited islands Bibliography
Land Area: 10,010 sq km (3,864 sq miles)  
Number of Indigenous languages: 3, two are living languages and 1 is extinct (Taino). Links
Native Vascular plant species: 1,371
Bahamas.com - Ministry of Tourism
Endemic Species: 121 CIA World Factbook
% Species endemism: 11.3% World Conservation Monitoring Centre - Threatend Plants
Total no. threatened: 31
1997 IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants
% Species threatened: 2.8%
Summer Institute of Linguistics - Ethnologue, 13th Edition
 Medicinal plant estimate: > 175 (estimate)

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