Facts and Figures
Official Name: Jamaica
Capital City: Kingston
Languages: English, Creole
Official Currency: Jamaican Dollar
Religions: Protestant, others
Population: 2,658,000
Indigenous Population: 10,830 sq km (4,181 sq mi.)
Land Area: 0
Number of Indigenous languages:
Number of Indigenous groups:
Native Vascular plant species: 3,308
Endemic Species:
% Species endemism:
Total no. threatened: 744
% Species threatened: 22.5%
 Medicinal plant estimate: 250
Project: Medicinal Plants of Maroon Descendents and other Herbalists, Port Antonio
Project Leader: Summer Austin
Regional Distribution of Indigeous Peoples
Questions about Jamaican Medicinal Plants
Contact - Regional Coordinator: caribbean@cieer.org
References/Suggested Readings
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