Facts and Figures
Official Name: Serbia and Montenegro
Capital City: Belgrade [Kosovo - Prishtina (Pristina)]
Languages: Albanian, Serbian, others
Official Currency: Euro
Religions: Muslim, Catholic, Orthodox Christian, others
Population: 11,219,000 (Kosovo - 2.1 million)
Ethnic Population: 2 republics and 2 autonomous provinces (Kosovo and Vojvodina)
Land Area: 102,173 sq km (39,449 sq miles)
Number of Cultural languages: 11
Cultural groups of Kosovo: Albanian (90%), Serb and Montenegrin 8%, other 2% (turks, Romans)
Native Vascular plant species: 5,351(former Yugoslavia)
Endemic Species: ?
% Species endemism: ?
Total no. threatened: 155
% Species threatened: 2.9%
 Medicinal plant estimate: > 800
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