Facts and Figures
Official Name: United States of America
Capital City: Washington, DC
Languages: English, and languages of many cultures
Official Currency: US Dollar
Religions: Varied, many.
Population: 275,943,000
Indigenous Population: 1,900,000
Land Area: 9,166,600 sq km (3,539,224 sq miles) (includes all 50 states, and the District of Columbia)
Number of languages: 213. Of those, 176 are living languages, 2 are second languages without mother tongue speakers, and 35 are extinct.
Number of Indigenous groups: +500
Native Vascular plant species: 19, 473
Endemic Species: ?
% Species endemism: ?
Total no. threatened: 4,669
% Species threatened: 24%
Medicinal plant estimate: 2,147 species from 760 genera and 142
US Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs
List of Federally Recognized Tribes within the
Contiguous 48 States
List of Federally Recognized Tribes within Alaska
Tribal Leaders Directory
AGIS, Native American Food Plants
AGIS, Medicinal Plants of Native America
Moreman, D. 1997. Native American Ethnobotany. Timber Press. Portland, Oregon.


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