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Statehood: Hawaii became the 50th USA state on August 21, 1959. Comprised of 8 major islands (Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, and Niihau) and a series of smaller ones, Hawaii is the world's longest island chain.

Capital City: Honolulu
Nickname: The Aloha State
Motto: "The Life Of The Land Is Perpetuated In
Climate: The Hawaiian Island's weather is very
consistent, with only moderate changes in temperature throughout the year. There are only 2 seasons: the summer months (called Kau in Hawaiian) that extend from May to October and the winter months (Ho'oilo) that run from November to April. The average day-time summer temperature at sea level is 85 degrees F. (29.4 C) while the average day-time winter temperature is 78 degrees (25.6 C).
Bird: Hawaiian Goose
Flower: Hibiscus brackenridgei
Song: "Hawaii Ponoi"
Number of Counties: 5
Lowest Point: Sea Level, Pacific Ocean
Highest Point: Mauna Kea, 13,796 ft.
Languages: Hawaiian, English
Official Currency: US Dollar
Religions: Numerous
Population: 1,187,000
Indigenous Population: 237,128 ethnic Hawaiians (1996 Hawaii State Dept. of Health) 99,269 ethnic Hawaiians on the USA mainland (1990 census)
Land Area: 10,932 sq. miles
Coastline - Shoreline 750 miles - 1,052 miles
Number of Indigenous languages: 3
Native Vascular plant species: > 9000
Endemic Species:
% Species endemism: 90%
Total no. threatened: As of November 29, 1999, there are 282 endangered taxa and 10 threatened taxa listed under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Ref
% Species threatened: %
Medicinal plant estimate: >500
Checklist of Medicinal Plants
Nagata, K.M. 1970. Hawaiian Medicinal Plants.
Flora of the Hawaiian Islands
Navigating Change - NW Hawaiian Islands
Questions about Oceanic Medicinal Plants
Contact the Regional Coordinator: oceania@cieer.org
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