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Official Name: Republic of Ecuador Ecoregions
Capital City: Quito  
Languages: Spanish (official), local dialects  
Official Currency: Sucre
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Questions about Brasilian Medicinal Plants
Contact - Regional Coordinator: samerica@cieer.org
Religions: Catholic, others  
Population: 12,782,000 Links
Indigenous Population: 2,300,000 World Conservation Monitoring Centre - Threatend Plants
Land Area: 276,840 sq km (106,888 sq miles) 1997 IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants
Number of Indigenous languages: 22 Summer Institute of Linguistics - Ethnologue, 13th Edition
Native Vascular plant species: 19,362  
Endemic Species: 4000  
% Species endemism: 22.7  
Total no. threatened: 824  
% Species threatened: 4.3  
 Medicinal plant estimate: ?
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