Michael B. Thomas
www.michaelbthomas.net mthomas@cieer.org

Biographical Sketch  

Raised in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He holds a doctorate degree from the University of Florida (Botany), an MS (Horticulture) as well as a BS in Forestry from Virginia Tech. He began his experience in the Pacific Islands as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tonga. He managed for the Diversified Fruit Tree Development Project under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Tonga for 4 years. He is a international consultant on Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP)and Medicinal/Aromatic (MAPs) plant research and development projects. Recent consultancies on USAID funded projects include work in Nepal, Ghana, Guatemala, and Kosovo. His travels are extensive and include more than 40 countries.

Current research projects:
1) UH Manoa Herbaria Redevelopment - migration of specimen data to KE EMu database.

2) Regional e-Floras and local e-field guide development

3) BOT160 Campus Plants course redevelopment

4) Interactive Identification Guides to Traditional Hawaiian Heritage Plants - Taxonomic ID Keys to assist the general public, extension officers, farmers, students and horticulturalists in the identify Hawaiian horticultural varieties found. The keys will assist in the identification of the Mai'a, ko, and 'awa horticultural varieties.

5) Urban Forestry web site - the first component will include an interactive database of the recorded Exceptional Trees of Hawaii.

6) Journal of Ethnobotany Research and Applications - Managing Editor