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Top 5 Picks for the student of Ethnobotany

Ethnobotany of the Shuar of Eastern Ecuador (Advances in Economic Botany, V. 14)
by Bradley C. Bennett, Marc A. Baker, Patricia Gomez Andrade

Ethnobiology and Biocultural Diversity: Proceedings of the Seventh International Congress of Ethnobiology.
by John R. Stepp, Felice S. Wyndham, Rebecca Zarger (Editors).

Applied Ethnobotany: People, Wild Plant Use and Conservation
by Anthony B. Cunningham

Anthropological Papers, No. 91
Ethnobiology at the Millennium: Past Promises and Future Prospects
edited by Richard I. Ford.


On Biocultural Diversity: Linking Language, Knowledge, and the Environment
by Luisa Maffi (Editor), Jeffrey A. McNeely

Medicinal Plants of Brazil
by Walter B. Mors, Rizzin & Pereira.

Economic Botany: Plants in our World
by Beryl Brintnall Simpson, Molly Conner-Ogorzaly

Ethnobotany: A Reader
by Paul E. Minnis (Editor)

A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs of Eastern and Central North American
by Steven Foster, James A. Duke


The Shaman's Apprentice: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest
by Mark Plotkin

At the Deserts Green Edge: An Ethnobotany of the Gila River Pima.
by Amadeo M. Rea.

Plant Systematics - A Phylogenetic Approach
by Walter S. Judd (Editor)

Neotropical Companion
by John Kricher and Mark Plotkin

The Cross Name Index to Medicinal Plants : Plants in Indian Medicine, A-Z
by Anthony R. Torkelson


Native American Ethnobotany
by Daniel E. Moerman

A Field Guide To Medicinal And Useful Plants Of The Upper Amazon.
by James L. Castner, Stephen L. Timme, James A. Duke.


Plants, People and Culture:
The Science of Ethnobotany.
by Michael J. Balick and Paul Alan Cox.

A Field Guide to the Families and Genera of Woody Plants of Northwest South America


Selected Guidelines for Ethnobotanical Research: A Field Manual
by Miguel N. Alexiades

Ethnobotany: Principles and Applications.

by C. M. Cotton

Herbal Medicine: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals.
by Newall, C.A., Anderson, L.A. and J.D. Phillipson.

The Cross Name Index to Medicinal Plants
by Torkelson, Anthony R.

Ethnoveterinary medicine in Kenya: a field manual of traditional animal healthcare practices. 226 pp. US$10 plus postage. Enquiries: Intermediate Technologies Development Group, IT Kenya, P.O. Box 39493, Nairobi, Kenya and International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Africa Regional Office, P.O. Box 66873, Nairobi, Kenya. Tel. IIRR: +254-2-224 610 / 466 522. Fax IIRR: +254-2-448 148. E-mail:

The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants: A Practical Reference Guide to More than 500 Key Medicinal Plants and Their Uses by Andrew Chevalier

Prior to 1995

Balick, Michael J. (Editor), Elaine Elisabetsky (Editor), Sarah A. Laird (Editor). 1995. Medicinal Resources of the Tropical Forest : Biodiversity and Its Importance to Human Health (Biology and Resource Management).

Cheatham, Scooter, Marshall C. Johnston, and Lynn Marshall. 1995. The Useful Wild Plants of Texas, the Southeastern and Southwestern United States, the Southern Plains, and Northern Mexico. Volume 1.

Martin, Gary J. 1995. Ethnobotany: A Methods Manual.

Schultes, R.E. and Siri von Reis. 1995. Ethnobotany: Evolution of a Discipline.

Jain ,S.K. Editor. Ethnobiology in Human Welfare: Proceedings of IV International Congress of Ethnobiology
held at Lucknow, India, 17-21 November 1994 . 1996, xv, 519 p.

Second Edition: Anthropological Papers, No. 67
Ford, Richard I., Ed. 1994. The Nature and Status of Ethnobotany.

Arvigo, R. and M. Balick. 1994 Rainforest Remedies: One-Hundred Healing Herbs of Belize.

DeFlipps, R. A. 1994. Medicinal Plants of the Guianas.

Joyce, Christopher. 1994. Earthly Goods: Medicine-hunting in the Rainforest.

Ghazanfar, Shahina A. 1994. Handbook of Arabian Medicinal Plants.

Balee, William. 1994. Footprints of the Forest. Ka'apor Ethnobotany

Duke; James A. and Vasquez; Rodolfo. 1994. Amazonian Ethnobotanical Dictionary

Pojar, J. and A. Mackinnon. 1994. Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Iwu, Maurice M. 1993. Handbook of African Medicinal Plants.

Plotkin, Mark. 1993. Tales of a Shaman Apprentice.

Prance, G. T. and A. E. Prance. 1993. Bark: The Formation, Characteristics and Uses of Bark Around the World.

Arvigo, R. and M. Balick. 1993. Rainforest Remedies. One Hundred Healing Herbs of Belize.

Kindscher, K. Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie: An Ethnobotanical Guide. 1992.

Schultes, R.E. and Albert Hoffmann. 1992. Plants of the Gods: Their Sacred, Healing and Hallucinogenic Powers.

Jain, S.K. & R.A. DeFlipps. 1991. Medicinal Plants of India. (2 vol)

Schultes, R. E. and R. F. Raffauf. 1990. The Healing Forest: Medicinal and Toxic Plants of the Northwest Amazonia

Nabhan, Gary Paul. 1985. Gathering the Desert.

Duke, James & Edward Ayensu. 1984. Medicinal Plants of China (2 vol).

Boulos, Loutfy. 1983. Medicinal Plants of North Africa

Lewis, W. H. and P.F. Elvin- Lewis. 1982. Medical Botany: Plants Affecting Man's Health.

Ayensu, Edward S. 1981. Medicinal Plants of West Indies.

Spradley, James P. 1980. Participant Observation.

Spradley, James P. 1979. The Ethnographic Interview.

Erichsen-Brown, C. 1979. Medicinal and Other Uses of North American Plants: A Historical Survey with Special Reference to the Eastern Indian Tribes.

Ayensu, Edward S. 1978. Medicinal Plants of West Africa.

Grimi, W.E. 1976. Ethno-Botany of the Black Americans.

Kreig, Margaret B. 1964. Green Medicine: The Search for Plants that Heal. (Out-of-print)

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